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Ella Smith

Translation and Proofreading Services

About Me

Hi! I'm Ella.
Freelance translator and proofreader by day, classical singer by night

Originally from the UK, I spent my formative years in New Zealand before moving to Berlin in 2016 to improve my German language skills. As someone with a number of strings to my bow, I'm focused and efficient at getting things done.


I offer translation services from German to English, as well as proofreading in English. 

My previous clients include IDAGIO GmbH and Coffee Circle GmbH.

For more information about my services and how I can help you, please get in touch via the form below. 

About Me
Areas of Service

I have experience in a variety of subject areas and formats:

  • Music (classical music texts, new release marketing texts) 

  • Website Translation (returns, shipping, payment, etc.)

  • Commercial (product descriptions)

  • Legal (T&C, Privacy Policy)

  • Business (press releases, job advertisements)

I have worked extensively in Customer Service in both German and English and understand the importance of tone in getting the right message across. 

Contact Me

Thanks for your message! I'll be in touch. 

@2019 Ella Smith
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